Spending time on a college campus means seeing fashion trends come and go as quickly as they appear in magazines. Not only that, but the realization of how many different types of clothes you need starts to set in. You need workout clothes, business casual, professional, casual comfy clothes, and of course clothes for going out on the town. Between keeping up with trends and having everything you need, this can start to add up and put a dent in your bank account. Luckily Gainesville has a wide selection of thrift stores where you can get everything you need for a lower cost.

There are a few stores in the area that carry exclusively brand name clothing. These are good places to pick up those business outfits for interviews and events like Career Showcase at UF. Plato’s Closet and Sandy’s are the best places to find this kind of outfits. They also both offer punch cards that give you a discount after a discount after 10 purchases. The only downside of these places is that they can still charge a good amount of money since they exclusively offer name brand clothing, but you will definitely be paying less than if you bought it at the mall.

If you’re looking to create your own style or keep up with the thousands of retro styles that are becoming popular again, places like Flashbacks and Good Will are the place to go. Flashbacks is right near campus on University, which could easily be a 10-minute walk. Both stores get new inventory every week, so the styles are constantly changing. These places are significantly cheaper than other second-hand stores, which is a great advantage.

The best part of Sandy’s, Plato’s and Flashbacks is that they offer the chance to sell your old clothing for cash. Plato’s and Sandy’s offer punch stamps when you sell your clothing as well, which gets you closer to the discount. The stores allow you to drop off your clothing and will call you when they have priced everything out. This gives you time to do what you need or even shop around the store. The money you get from trading in your old clothes, which can include shoes and accessories as well, could also go towards getting a brand new outfit from a department store.

Following the stores’ Facebook pages is always a good idea. They will let you know if they offer any specials and allow you to get there before anyone else! Hoarding up some old clothing to do a mass sell to one of these stores is always a good idea as well. Visit them all and decide which one is your favorite to frequent. Eventually, you will be a thrifting pro with a few extra bucks in your pocket.